Iberian  Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis International Conference

2nd Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis

June 7  




June 7












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June 8


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The registration desk is open on June 6 from 17:00 - 19:00. Participants are encouraged to make their registration during

this period in order to avoid queues on the following day.


   ORAL Presentations:
        - 20 min each: 15 min for presentation + 5 min for questions
        - Computer (Windows XP), video projector and overhead projector will be available
    POSTER Presentations:
        - Each session will last for 1h30min with about 20 posters per session
        - Poster size dimensions (maximum): 120 cm (height) x 80 cm (width)


June 7


10:15        SESSION 1 - Image Analysis I     (POSTER)


Segment extraction using Burns principles in a pseudocolor  fuzzy Hough transform

Marta  Penas, María J. Carreira, Manuel G. Penedo, Cástor  Mariño Pérez


Texture interpolation using ordinary Kriging

Sunil Chandra, Maria Petrou, Roberta Piroddi


Spectral methods in image segmentation: a combined approach

Fernando C. Monteiro, Aurélio C. Campilho


Signal subspace identification in hyperspectral linear mixtures

José Nascimento, José M. B. Dias


Automatic selection of multiple texture feature extraction methods for texture pattern classification

Domenec Puig, Miguel Ángel Garcia


Detector of image orientation based on Borda-count

Loris Nanni, Alessandra Lumini


Color Image segmentation using acceptable histogram  segmentation

Julie  Delon, Agnes Desolneux, Jose Luis Lisani, Ana  Belen Petro


Adding subsurface attenuation to the Beckmann-Kirchhoff theory

Hossein Ragheb, Edwin R. Hancock


Multi-scale cortical keypoint representation for attention and object detection

João Rodrigues, J. M. Hans du Buf


Evaluation of distances between color image segmentations

Jaume Vergés-Llahí, Alberto Sanfeliu


An algorithm for the detection of multiple concentric circles

Margarida Silveira


Image corner detection using Hough transform

Sung Kwan Kang, Yong Chul Chong, Jong An Park


Dissimilarity measures for visual pattern partitioning

Raquel Dosil, Xosé R. Fdez Vidal, Xosé M. Pardo


A comparative study of highlights detection and elimination by color morphology and polar color models

Francisco Ortiz, Fernando Torres, Pablo Gil


Algorithm for crest detection based on graph contraction

Nazha Selmaoui


A learning framework for object recognition on image  understanding

Xavier Muñoz, Anna  Bosch, Joan  Martí, Joan Espunya


A roof edge detection model

Qing H. Zhang, Song Gao, Tien D. Bui


A dynamic stroke segmentation technique for sketched symbol recognition

Vincenzo Deufemia, Michele  Risi


Application of wavelet transforms and Bayes classifier to segmentation of ultrasound images

Pawel Kies


Use of neural networks in automatic caricature generation: an approach based on drawing style capture

Rupesh N. Shet, Ka H. Lai, Eran A. Edirisinghe, Paul  W. H. Chung


Compact and robust fingerprints using DCT coefficients of key blocks

Sheng Tang, Jin Tao Li, Yong Dong Zhang


Fingerprint matching using minutiae coordinate systems

Farid Benhammadi, Hamid Hentous, Kadda Bey-Beghdad, Mohamed Aissani


The contribution of external features to face recognition

Àgata Lapedriza, David Masip, Jordi Vitrià


Iris recognition based on quadratic spline wavelet multi-scale decomposition

Xing  Ming, Xiaodong  Zhu, Zhengxuan  Wang



11:45        SESSION 2 - Computer Vision I     (ORAL)


Local single-patch features for pose estimation using the log-polar transform

Fredrik Viksten, Anders Moe


Efficient object-class recognition by boosting contextual information

Jaume Amores, Nicu Sebe, Petia Radeva


A real-time Gabor primal sketch for visual attention

Alexandre Bernardino, José Santos-Victor


Matching deformable regions using local histograms of differential invariants

Nicolás Pérez de la Blanca, José M. Fuertes, Manuel Lucena


14:30        SESSION 3 - Syntactic Pattern Recognition     (ORAL)


Comparison of two different prediction schemes for the analysis of time series of graphs

Horst Bunke, Peter Dickinson, Miro Kraetzl


Machine learning with seriated graphs

Hang Yu, Edwin R Hancock


Information theoretic text classification using the Ziv-Merhav method

David Pereira Coutinho, Mário A. T. Figueiredo



15:30        SESSION 4 - Applications I     (POSTER)


Multiple face detection at different resolutions for perceptual user interfaces

Modesto Castrillón Santana, Javier  Lorenzo, Oscar  Déniz-Suárez, J. Isern, Antonio Falcón-Martel


An analysis of facial description in static images and video streams

Modesto Castrillón Santana, Javier Lorenzo, Daniel Hernández, Yeray  Rodríguez-Domínguez


Performance driven facial animation by appearance based racking

José  Miguel Buenaposada, Enrique Muñoz, Luis Baumela


Color distribution tracking for facial analysis

Juan José  Gracia-Roche, Carlos Orrite, Emiliano Bernués, José Elías Herrero


Head gesture recognition based on Bayesian network

Peng  Lu,  Xiangsheng  Huang, Xinshan Zhu, Yangsheng   Wang


Detection and tracking of face by a walking robot

Do Joon Jung, Chang Woo Lee, Hang Joon Kim


PCA positioning sensor characterization for terrain based navigation of Uvs

Paulo Oliveira


Monte Carlo localization using SIFT features

Arturo Gil, óscar  Reinoso, Asunción Vicente, César Fernández, Luis Payá


A new method for the estimation of the image Jacobian for the control of an uncalibrated joint system

Jose M. Sebastian, Lizardo  Pari, Carolina  González, Luis  Ángel


Accelerometer based gesture recognition using continuous HMMs

Timo Pylvänäinen


An approach to improve online hand-eye calibration

Fanhuai Shi, Jianhua  Wang, Yuncai  Liu


Performance analysis of homomorphic systems for image change detection

Gonzalo Pajares, José Jaime Ruz, Jesús M. de la Cruz


Car license plates extraction and recognition based on connected components analysis and HMM decoding

David Llorens, Andrés  Marzal, Vicente  Palazón, Juan M. Vilar


Multi-resolution image analysis for vehicle detection

Cristina Hilario, Juan Manuel Collado, José Maria Armingol, Arturo de la Escalera


A novel adaptive Gaussian mixture model for background subtraction

Jian Cheng, Jie  Yang, Yue Zhou


Intelligent target recognition on based wavelet adaptive network based fuzzy inference system

Engin Avci, Ibrahim Turkoglu, Mustafa  Poyraz


Image processing application development: from rapid prototyping to SW/HW co-simulation and automated code generation

Cristina Vicente, Ana Toledo, Pedro Sánchez Palma


Xilinx system generator based HW components for rapid prototyping of computer vision SW/HW systems

Ana Toledo, Cristina Vicente, Juan  Suardíaz, Sergio Cuenca


2-D discrete cosine transform (DCT) on meshes with hierarchical control modes

Cheong Ghil Kim, Su Jin Lee, Shin Dug Kim


Domain-specific codesign for automated visual inspection systems

Sergio Cuenca, Antonio Cámara, Juan Suardíaz, Ana Toledo


Hardware-accelerated template matching

Raúl Cabido, Antonio  S. Montemayor, Ángel  Sánchez



17:00        SESSION 5 - Face & Gesture Analysis     (ORAL)


Discriminative face recognition through Gabor responses and sketch distortion

Daniel González-Jiménez, José Luis Alba-Castro


HMM-based gesture recognition for robot control

Hye Sun Park, Eun  Yi Kim, Sang Su Jang, Se Hyun Park, Min Ho Park, Hang  Joon Kim


Removing shadows from face images using ICA

Jun Liu, Xiangsheng Huang, Yangsheng  Wang


June 8


10:15        SESSION 6 - Pattern Recognition     (POSTER)


Solving particularization with supervised clustering competition scheme

Oriol Pujol, Petia  Radeva


Adaptive optimization with constraints: convergence and oscillatory behaviour

Fernando J. Coito, João M. Lemos


Boosting statistical local feature based classifiers for face recognition

Xiangsheng Huang, Yangsheng Wang


Dynamic and static weighting in classifier fusion

Rosa M. Valdovinos, J. Salvador Sánchez, Ricardo Barandela


A novel one-parameter regularized kernel Fisher discriminant method for face recognition

Wensheng Chen, Pongchi  Yuen, Jian  Huang, Daoqing  Dai


AutoAssign - An automatic assignment tool for independent components

Matthias Bohm, Kurt Stadlthanner, Ana M. Tomé, Peter Gruber, Ana R. Teixeira, Fabian Theis, Carlos G. Puntonet,Elmar W. Lang


Improving the discrimination capability with an adaptive synthetic discriminant function filter

J. Ángel González-Fraga, Victor H. Diaz-Ramírez, Vitaly Kober, Josué Álvarez-Borrego


Globally exponential stability of non-autonomous delayed neural networks

Qiang Zhang, Wenbing  Liu,  Xiaopeng Wei, Jin Xu


Grouping of non-connected structures by an irregular graph Pyramid

Walter G. Kropatsch, Yll Haxhimusa


An adjacency grammar to recognize symbols and gestures in a digital pen framework

Joan Mas, Gemma  Sánchez, Josep Lladós


Graph clustering using heat content invariants

Bai  Xiao, Edwin R. Hancock


Matching attributed graphs: 2nd-order probabilities for

pruning the search tree

Francesc Serratosa, Alberto Sanfeliu


Synthesis of median spectral graph

Miquel  Ferrer, Francesc Serratosa, Alberto Sanfeliu


Feature selection for graph-based image classifiers

Bertrand Le Saux, Horst  Bunke


Time reduction of stochastic parsing with stochastic context-free grammars

Joan Andreu Sánchez, José Miguel Benedí


An utterance verification algorithm in keyword spotting System

Haisheng Dai, Xiaoyan  Zhu, Yupin Luo, Shiyuan  Yang


A clustering algorithm for the fast match of acoustic conditions in continuous speech recognition

Luis Javier Rodríguez, M. Inés Torres


Adaptive signal models for wide-band speech and audio compression

Pedro Vera Candeas, Nicolás Ruiz Reyes, Manuel Rosa  Zurera, Juan C. Cuevas Martínez, Francisco  López Ferreras


Cryptographic-speech-key generation architecture improvements

L. Paola Garcia Perera, Juan A. Nolazco, Carlos Mex Perera


Performance of a SCFG-based language model with training data sets of increasing size

Joan A. Sánchez, José  Miguel Benedí, Diego Linares


Speaker dependent ASRs for Huastec and western-Huastec Nahuatl languages

Juan A. Nolazco, Luis R. Salgado, Marco O. Peña


Parallel perceptrons, activation margins and imbalanced training set pruning

Iván Cantador, José R. Dorronsoro


Automatic segmentation of bilingual corpora: a comparison of different techniques

Ismael García-Varea, Daniel  Ortiz, Francisco Nevado, Pedro A. Gómez, Francisco  Casacuberta


Word translation disambiguation using multinomial classifiers

Jesús Andrés, José R. Navarro, Alfons Juan, Francisco Casacuberta


Different approaches to bilingual text classification based on grammatical inference techniques

Jorge Civera, Elsa Cubel, Alfons Juan, Enrique Vidal


Semantic similarity between sentences through approximate tree matching

Francisco Jose Ribadas, Manuel  Vilares, Jesus Vilares



11:45        SESSION 7 - Video Processing     (ORAL)


Contextual soccer detection using mosaicing techniques

Lluis Barceló, Xavier Binefa


From moving edges to moving regions

Loic Biancardini, Eva Dokladalova, Serge Beucher, Laurent Letellier


A 3D dynamic model of human actions for probabilistic image tracking

Ignasi Rius, Daniel Rowe, Jordi Gonzàlez, Xavi Roca


A framework to integrate particle filters for robust tracking in non-stationary environments

Francesc Moreno-Noguer, Alberto Sanfeliu


14 :30        SESSION 8 - Image Analysis II     (ORAL)


Curvature based clustering for DNA microarray data analysis

Emil Saucan, Eli Appleboim


Mathematical morphology in polar-logarithmic coordinates. Application to erythrocyte shape analysis

Miguel A. Luengo Oroz, Jesús Angulo, Georges Flandrin, Jacques Klossa


Phase unwrapping via graph cuts

José M. B. Dias, Gonçalo Valadão



15 :30        SESSION 9 - Computer Vision II     (POSTER)


An invariant and compact representation for unrestricted pose

Robert Söderberg, Klas Nordberg, Gösta Granlund


Gabor parameter selection for local feature detection

Plinio Moreno, Alexandre Bernardino, José Santos-Victor


Real-time tracking using multiple target models

Manuel Lucena, José M. Fuertes, Nicolás Pérez de la Blanca


Illumination intensity, object geometry and highlights invariance in multispectral imaging

Raúl Montoliu, Filiberto Pla, Arnoud C. Klaren


Dealing with multiple motions in optical flow estimation

Jesús Chamorro-Martínez, Javier Martínez-Baena, Elena Galán-Perales, B. Prados Suárez


Conversion into three-dimensional implicit surface representation from topological active volumes based segmentation

José Rouco, Noelia  Barreira, Manuel G. Penedo, Xosé M. Pardo


Automatic matching and motion estimation from two views of a multiplane scene

G. López-Nicolás, C. Sagüés, J.J. Guerrero


Probabilistic image-based tracking: improving particle filtering

Daniel  Rowe, Ignasi Rius, Jordi Gonzàlez, Xavi Roca, Juan J. Villanueva


A Functional simplification of the BCS/FCS image segmentation

Pablo Martinez, Miguel  Pinzolas, J. L.  Coronado, Daniel Garcia


Polygon optimisation for the modelling of planar range data

Samuel Nunes, Daniel Almeida, Eddy Loke, J. M. Hans du Buf


Stereo vision system with the grouping process of multiple reaction-diffusion models

Atsushi  Nomura, Makoto Ichikawa, Hidetoshi Miike


Registration of moving surfaces by means of one-shot laser projection

Carles Matabosch, David Fofi, Joaquim Salvi, Josep  Forest


A computer vision sensor for panoramic depth perception

Radu Orghidan, El Mustapha Mouaddib, Joaquim Salvi


Probabilistic object tracking based on machine learning and importance sampling

Peihua Li,Haijing Wang


A calibration algorithm for POX-slits camera

Nuno Martins, Hélder Araújo


Vision-based interface for integrated home entertainment system

Jae Sik Chang, Sang Ho Kim, Hang Joon Kim


A proposal for a homeostasis based adaptive vision system

Javier  Lorenzo, Daniel Hernández, Cayetano Guerra, J. Isern


Relaxed grey-world: computational colour constancy by surface matching

Francesc Tous, María Vanrell, Ramón Baldrich


A real-time driver visual attention monitoring system

Jorge P. Batista


An approach to vision-based person detection in robotic applications

Carlos Castillo, Carolina Chang


A new approach to the template update problem

Cayetano Guerra, Mario Hernández, A. Domínguez, D. Hernández



17:00        SESSION 10 - Medical Applications     (ORAL)


Automatic classification of breast tissue

Arnau Oliver, Jordi Freixenet, Anna  Bosch, David Raba, Reyer  Zwiggelaar


On reproducibility of ultrasound image classification

Martin Svec, Radim  Sára, Daniel Smutek


Prior based cardiac valve segmentation in echocardiographic sequences: geodesic active contour guided by region and shape prior

Yanfeng Shang, Xin Yang, Ming Zhu, Biao Jin, Ming Liu


June 9


10:15        SESSION 11 - Image & Video Processing     (POSTER)


A new fuzzy multi-channel filter for the reduction of impulse noise

Stefan Schulte, Valérie De Witte, Mike  Nachtegael, Dietrich Van der Weken, Etienne E. Kerre


Enhancement and cleaning of handwritten data by using neural networks

José Luis Hidalgo, Salvador España, Maria José Castro, Alberto José Pérez


Zerotree wavelet based image quilting for fast texture synthesis

Dhammike S. Wickramanayake, Eran A. Edirisinghe, Helmut E. Bez


Semantic feature extraction based on video abstraction and temporal modeling

Kisung  Lee


Video retrieval using an EDL-based timeline

José San Pedro, Nicolas  Denis, Sergio Domínguez


A new secret sharing scheme for images based on additive 2-dimensional cellular automata

Gonzalo Álvarez Marañón, Luis Hernández Encinas, Ángel Martín del Rey


A fast motion estimation algorithm based on diamond and triangle search patterns

Yun  Cheng, Zhiying  Wang, Kui  Dai, Jianjun Guo


A watermarking scheme  based on discrete non-separable wavelet transform

Jianwei Yang, Xinge You, Yuan Yan Tang, Bin Fang


A fast run-length algorithm for wavelet image coding with reduced memory usage

Jose Oliver, Manuel P. Malumbres


Contour-based image registration using mutual information

Nancy A. Álvarez, José M. Sanchiz, Jorge  Badenas, Filiberto Pla, Gustavo Casañ


Improving correspondence matching using label consistency constraints

Hongfang Wang, Edwin R. Hancock


The Euclidean distance transform applied to the FCC and BCC grids

Robin Strand


A global-to-local matching strategy for registering retinal fundus images

Xinge You, Bin Fang, Zhenyu He, Yuan Yan Tang


A model-based method for face shape recovery

William A. Smith, Edwin R. Hancock


Visual detection of hexagonal headed bolts using method of frames and matching pursuit

Pier Luigi Mazzeo, Ettore Stella, Nicola  Ancona, Arcangelo  Distante


A new region-based active contour for object extraction using level set method

Lishui Cheng, Jie  Yang, Xian Fan


Improving ASM search using mixture models for grey-level profiles

Yanong Zhu, Mark Fisher, Reyer Zwiggelaar


Human figure segmentation using independent components analysis

Grégory  Rogez, Carlos Orrite, Jesús Martínez-del-Rincón


Adaptive window growing technique for efficient image matching

Boguslaw Cyganek


Managing resolution in digital elevation models using image processing techniques

Rolando Quintero, Serguei Levachkine, Miguel Torres, Marco  Moreno, Giovanni Guzman


Object image retrieval by shape content in complex scenes using geometric constraints

Agnés Borràs, Josep Lladós


Appearance-based recognition of words in american sign language

Morteza Zahedi, Daniel  Keysers, Hermann Ney


Robust person-independent visual sign language recognition

Jörg Zieren, Karl-Friedrich Kraiss


Extracting motion features for visual human activity representation

Filiberto Pla, Pedro  Ribeiro, José Santos-Victor, Alexandre Bernardino


Modelling spatial correlation and image statistics for improved tracking of human gestures

Rik Bellens, Sidharta Gautama, Johan D'Haeyer


Fast and accurate hand pose detection for human-robot interaction

Luis Antón Canalís, Elena Sánchez Nielsen, Modesto Castrillón Santana



11:45        SESSION 12 - Statistical Pattern Recognition     (ORAL)


Testing some improvements of the Fukunaga and Narendra's fast nearest neighbour search algorithm in a spelling task

Eva Gómez-Ballester, Luisa  Micó, José Oncina


A stochastic approach to Wilson's editing algorithm

Fernando Vazquez, J. Salvador Sánchez, Filiberto Pla


Data characterization for effective prototype selection

Ramón A. Mollineda, J. Salvador Sánchez, José M. Sotoca


Phrase-based alignment models for statistical machine translation

Jesús Tomás, Jaime Lloret, Francisco Casacuberta


14:30        SESSION 13 - Computer Vision III     (ORAL)


Stereo reconstruction of a submerged scene

Ricardo Ferreira, João P. Costeira, João A. Santos


Dynamic texture recognition using normal flow and texture regularity

Renaud Péteri, Dmitry Chetverikov


The MORFO3D foot database

José  García-Hernández, Stella Heras, Alfons Juan, Roberto  Paredes, Beatriz  Nacher, Sandra Alemany, Enrique Alcántara, Juan Carlos González



15:30        SESSION 14 – Applications II     (POSTER)


Spontaneous handwriting text recognition and classification using finite-state models

Alejandro Héctor Toselli, Moisés Pastor, Alfons  Juan, Enrique Vidal


Combining global and local threshold to binarize document of images

Elise Gabarra, Antoine Tabbone


Extended bi-gram features in text categorization

Xian Zhang, Xiaoyan  Zhu


Combining fuzzy color clustering and morphological methods for old documents recovery

João Caldas Pinto, Lourenço Bandeira, João M.C. Sousa, Pedro  Pina


A new Algorithm for pattern optimization in protein-protein interaction extraction system

Yu Hao, Xiaoyan Zhu, Ming  Li


Support vector machines for HIV-1 protease cleavage site prediction

Loris Nanni, Alessandra Lumini


Medial grey-level based representation for proteins in volume images

Ida-Maria Sintorn, Magnus  Gedda, Susana  Mata,

Stina  Svensson


Bayesian reconstruction for transmission tomography with scale hyperparameter estimation

Antonio López, Rafael  Molina, Aggelos K. Katsaggelos


Automatic segmentation and registration of lung surfaces in temporal chest CT scans

Helen Hong, Jeongjin  Lee, Yeni  Yim, Yeong Gil  Shin


Breast segmentation with pectoral muscle suppression on digital mammograms

David Raba, Arnau Oliver, Joan  Martí, Marta Peracaula, Joan  Espunya


Semivariogram and SGLDM methods:  comparison for the diagnosis of solitary lung  nodule

Aristófanes C.  Silva, Anselmo C. Paiva, Paulo C. P. Carvalho, Marcelo Gattass


Anisotropic 3D reconstruction and restoration for rotation-scanning 4D echocardiographic images based on MAP-MRF

Qiang Guo, Xin Yang, Min Zhu, Kun Sun


Comparison of feature extraction methods for breast cancer detection

Rafael Llobet, Roberto  Paredes, Juan C. Pérez-Cortés


A text categorization approach for music style recognition

Carlos Pérez-Sancho, José Manuel Iñesta, Jorge  Calera-Rubio


Fast surface grading using color statistics in the CIE Lab space

Fernando López, José Miguel Valiente, Ramón Baldrich, María Vanrell


Quantitative identification of marbles aestethical features

Roberto Bruno, Lorenza Cuoghi, Pascal  Laurenge


Leather inspection based on wavelets

João Luís Sobral


Multispectral image segmentation by energy minimization for fruit quality estimation

Adolfo Martínez-Usó, Filiberto  Pla, Pedro Garcia-Sevílla


Thresholding methods on MRI to evaluate intramuscular fat level on Iberian ham

Mar Ávila, Marisa Durán, Andres  Caro, Teresa  Antequera, Ramiro Gallardo


Automatic mask extraction for PIV-based dam-break analysis

Alberto Biancardi, Paolo Ghilardi, Matteo  Pagliardi


Analysis of  meso textures of geomaterials through Haralick parameters

Margarida Taborda Duarte, Joanne M. R. Fernlund


Decision fusion for target detection using multi-spectral image sequences from moving cameras

Luis López Gutiérrez, Leopoldo Altamirano Robles


Recognition of facial gestures based on support vector machines

Attila  Fazekas, István  Sánta



17:00        SESSION 15 - Image Processing     (ORAL)


Bayesian reconstruction of color images acquired with a single CCD

Miguel Vega, Rafael  Molina, Aggelos K. Katsaggelos


Multiscale approach for thinning ridges of fingerprint

Xinge You, Bin Fang, Yuan Yan Tang, Jian Huang


Fast and exact algorithm for total variation minimization

Jérôme Darbon, Marc Sigelle





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